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Bought a consigned Roche Bobois sofa at The Estate Sale Consignment store in Palm Springs this past season (winter 2014). It was a beautiful small sofa that appeared to be in perfect condition. I paid about $800.00 for the sofa.

Within a few months I noticed what appeared to be wearing of the fabric around the seat cushion buttons. I called the Los Angeles Roche Bobois showroom to research a solution. The woman I spoke to looked at my emailed photos and said that there was nothing they could do. I asked her if Roche Boibois stood behind their products. She replied that if I did not purchase it from their store there was no solution. The consignment store cannot warranty as they did not manufacture. I presumed that a high end luxury brand like Roche Bobois would stand behind their brand in some way. I would have been happy with something like an offer to purchase discounted upholstery fabric for repair, etc. I also emailed the Roche Bobois store in San Diego but received no response.

Within a few short months the entire seat and back cushion area of the sofa had a global fabric failure for which no repair is possible. The entire fabric appears to be literally rolling into little balls and breaking apart. I am a mature woman without pets or children at home. As an interior designer I know how to care for furnishings.

I've never seen such terribly poor quality paired with such beautiful design and prestige branding. It is stunning and has altered my perception of the Roche Bobois brand. I hope they find a way to respond to their product problems. Brushing off owners of their products (even in the secondary market) is no way to support their brand.

After about 6 months of sitting on my sofa, I now own a junked sofa that would only be accepted at the dump. I had hoped to spot repair the sofa. Though disappointed, I would have accepted that. The global failure of the fabric doesn't make that solution possible.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $800.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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$800 sounds extremely cheap for Roche Bobois... I would have expected a sofa from there to cost more towards $8,000... You must have purchased a low-end outlet type product, hence the *** quality...

Spring, Texas, United States #906945

What you have there is a material called BONDED LEATHER...It is a cheap pressed material with a small amount of leather in it so legally the furniture companies can say it is leather but really it is far from it.This is the furniture's industry latest scam on unknowing customers.It wouldn't matter if you never sat on the couch with in 1-2 years it will automatically peel up or sooner.I recently looked into buying a leather couch and this material i run across everywhere i go.You would be better off with vinyl or pleather(faux leather) then bonded leather.I think you would be better off going to the Dump Furniture store(if you have one in your area) and wait for a leather furniture shipment they advertise once in a while.That is the only way i could afford a 100% leather couch since normally they run $3000 and up.

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